best selling aluminum alloy metal carport for double cars.

This is our best-selling carport that can accommodate two cars. In fact, it can be not only used as carport, but also as the extension to the house, shelter, pavilion and so on. Some of our customers even drink coffee under the carport. The feature of this kind of carport is that there has a curved structure on the top so that rain can drop quickly.  We use four posts in order that two cars can be parked side by side. Its appearance is very elegant and its price is also affordable. Its whole weigh is 300KG.  There are two kinds of colors you can choose for the posts, coffee-color and brown.  It is applicable to most of the weather conditions in the world, including America, Oceania, Europe and so is a combination of two Best selling aluminum carport for single cars


The introduction of our carport material

The skeleton structure system.

The whole skeleton system uses 6063-T5 aluminum alloy and its strength can reach up to 11-level (The wind resistance of Rover carport is strongest and safest among the Max Carle series).  Its surface uses powder spray and electrophoresis craft, which has the strong power of corrosion resistance and antioxidant, and fade slowly. What’s more, it always looks very new even going through a long time. The upright post uses 161mm × 91mm and the wall thickness is 3.8mm-2.2mmm. The skeleton part all uses 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with the high strength except the uptight post steel and steel that connects beam, which will make the whole skeleton frame system sturdier and safer. You can use it for more that 30 years.

Durable Panel (imported raw material from German Bayer)

  • Light transmittance: It has a good performance of light transmittance (88%). It will not produce yellowing, mildew, poor light transmittance when it is exposed in the sun.
  • Weather resistance:  the surface has anti-ultraviolet coextruded layer which can protect the resin from ultraviolet-induced yellowing.  The co-extruded layer of the surface absorbs ultraviolet and turns it into visible light. It has a good stable effect on the plant’s photosynthesis and protects the cars from being damaged by ultraviolet.
  • Impact resistance: The impact strength of polycarbonate panel is 300 times stronger than the ordinary glass, 20-30 times than acrylic, and 2 times than tempered glass. There is no risk of cracking. It enjoys the reputation of “unbroken glass” and “ring steel”. It is also a great material for bullet-proof glass.
  • Fire-retardant: It reached B1-level according to the test of national GB8624-97. It has not fire drops and poisonous gas.
  • Temperature resistance: It will not cause quality deterioration such as deformation under the temperature range from -40 ℃ to +120 ℃.
  • Portability: it is lightweight and easy to carry and install.
  • Sound insulation: It has a good performance of sound insulation. It is a preferred material that can be used to insulate barriers against noises internationally.
  • Snow resistance: it can bear snow in 35cm depth.
  • Wind pressure resistance: it can bear the strongest wind pressure of 38m/second.
  • Lifespan: its lifespan can reach 15 years according to the performance analysis from National Building Materials Testing Center.


  • It is a unique and human-oriented design with high strength 6063-T5 aluminum alloy.
  • It will avoid the second contamination on cars when water of the ceiling fall on the ground.
  • Its structure is reasonable and easy to clean up. It can easily remove the dirt in the pipe.


Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 550 x 600 x 210 cm


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