We ship our carport kit by sea transportation worldwide.

Once we receive your order, we will get down to the cutting, finishing and packing after everything is ready.  And it will take 1-2weeks to deal with those procedures.

It will take another 2-4weeks, which depends on where you live, to ship the products to you.

We provide door-to-door service to send the product directly to your location.  And you will have the whole package from the track.

It looks like as follows:

You can see three cylinders in the photo.  They are layers which are used on the top of the carport. They are rolled up.

The long-shaped objects are aluminum alloy pillars and supports, and the remaining objects in the little boxes are screws and other fittings, which well be used during the installation.

After you get our carport kit, you can get down to installing.