Comparison of our aluminum alloy polycarbonate materials with others

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1 Brief Introduction

The main skeleton of the aluminum alloy carport is all made up of aluminum alloy.  We use electrostatic powder spraying craft on the surface, which is resistant to corrosion. We use material of imported poly-carbonate panel on the roof of the carport, which is also called PC durable panel and PC sunshine panel.

It can absorb ultraviolet from the sun and protect all kinds of cars, artworks and precious objects from ultraviolet.

2 Comparison of our materials and other materials



PTFE(Plastic) Meteorshelter aluminum alloy polycarbonate carport
There are many deadly advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is easily soft when the temperature goes up. It is inflammable and has bad electric conduction and bad aging resistance (also called thermal oxidation aging)


1. Once the material has shaped, it is difficult to process again because large shrinkage rate of the raw material will make it harder to process.


2. The elastic hardness and texture is low and soft. Its bearing capacity is weak, which is liable to deformation.



3. The negative effect on the bad heat conductivity is deformation, expansion and crack.


Our products are rust-proof and easy to be installed.  They can insulate cars and protect against rain, snow and have strong impact resistance.  They have strong power of corrosion resistance and antioxidant, and are not easy to fade. What’s more, they always look very new even going through a long time.


1. Elegant appearance and simple design

2. They are lightweight with sturdy structure.  It is also very easy to install them.

3, Automatic cleaning and anti-ultraviolet


Aluminum frame

1、Frame of high quality and strength

2、High performance paint spray surface

3、High durability and antioxidant

4、Flame retardant, no fire drops and no gas




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