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In recent years, with the prosperity of domestic car industry, its corresponding supporting products are progressing quickly.
Compared to  other kinds of plastic carports, the surface of aluminum alloy carport uses electrostatic powder spraying craft, which is resistant to snow, rain and corrosion.  The material of the carport’s ceiling uses imported poly-carbonate, which can greatly absorb the ultraviolet from sun and gives a good protection for cars.  And when we try to delve into the reason for its popularity, we find out that the main body structure of the carport all uses highly processed aluminum alloy of high quality and strength, which owns permanent power of anti-aging and never rusts.
The special craft treatment of its surface highly improves its lifespan and reduces the decomposition from ultraviolet. So it always looks brand new and achieves excellent weather resistance. The seal strip uses the EPDM anti-aging strip.  Every connection point and seal uses anti-aging ABC engineering plastic.  The fixed screws are all 304 stainless steel.  It will be covered by special rubber cover, which will make it look beautiful and durable. Its lifespan will last for more than 30 years.
Compared to the traditional carport, deliberately designed aluminum alloy carport has modern design concept, reasonable structure and unique shape.  It also owns the stylish, elegant and perfect appearance, which makes it look very smooth and beautiful. There are a wide range of colors of the aluminum alloy skeleton and poly-carbonate ceiling panel for you to choose.  The carport will naturally match the car and provides a pleasant space for your car.
When you are choosing a carport, we will take into account how long the carport will last, how about its quality.  It is just like that when you are choosing every commodity, you will think of its lifespan and whether the product really pays off.  Then on earth how long an aluminum alloy carport can be used? I think we should get it started with the performance of the aluminum alloy carport itself.
  • Aluminum alloy carport itself has the characteristics of durability and stability and its lifespan is really long.  If comparing with other old carport which is made in metal structure, you will find it hasn’t such a long lifespan.  Meanwhile, the project and structure of aluminum alloy carport can bear strong pressure-and strength even it is in an appalling weather condition.  On the contrary, those carport made out of other materials will be severely damaged, which will badly influence its lifespan.  Aluminum alloy carport proves to be very sturdy.
  • Aluminum alloy carport has excellent performance-of light transmittance,which can reach up to 30%, while other type such as color steel plate is just the opposite-and results in damages and yellowing for long-time exposure in the sun.  The high light transmittance rate of aluminum alloy carport can absolutely avoids that kind of problems,which proves its long lifespan.
  • Aluminum alloy carport itself is particularly lightweight and belongs to the construction fabric so it can deform casually and bear high strength impact.  It is also one of the reasons for the long lifespan of aluminum alloy carport so we endow a good name of “unbroken glass”with aluminum alloy carport.A new material of polycarbonate board.
  • This kind of material is the latest scientific research result from German Bayer. Its strength is 300 times than glass, and it is lighter than glass.  If you put this kind of material on the ceiling of the carport, it will prevent cars from being hit by the objects from sky.  Aside from that, it can refract 80% of the ultraviolet to avoid fading and self-ignition and so on when it is exposed in the sun for a long time.  It means that it will protect your cars in all aspects.
The benefit :
automatic cleaning
Aluminum alloy carport is made out of polycarbonate, which contains photo-catalyst. It has the power of automatically cleaning the dust by taking advantage of natural light and rain.  It can keep the roof clean, bright and avoid rusting and producing dirt.  It can also relief rust of the mental parts of the car which is caused by acid rain.  Meanwhile, it can reduce the scale which will usually exist in long-time rainy seasons.  If the roof is covered with dust, the carport will become brand new right away after going through another rain.
heat insulation and dust-proof
We use German imported raw material on the ceiling of carport and add anti-UV layer through the double-sides coextrusion, which can shade more than 90% of the UV effectively and stop heat to take good control the growing temperature in the car in hot days.  It can shield the car from industrial dust existing in air, falling leaves and bird droppings.  The combination between the carport structure in whole aluminum alloy and polycarbonate plate can bear snow of 48cm thickness, and withstand strong wind of 52m/s along with the main column of heated galvanization steel pipe.  It improves the ability to stand up to rain and snow.
Aluminum alloy carport uses the professional design of relieving noises.  It can have a good effect on sound insulation and avoiding noises. You can hardly hear the sound of rain and snow even that you get very close to the carport, especially in rainy and snowy days.  It is a good choice to use aluminum alloy carport on the parking lot and its corresponding lounge because it can reduce the influence of the noises on people living around.  With the continuous development of aluminum alloy profile and demand for customers in market, it is imaginable that aluminum alloy carport’s performance with more advantages will be developed and researched in the future to meet the needs for parking lot and lounge.
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